Rotary Pipe Cutting

WaterJet CuttingUS Fittings, Inc. is dedicated to utilizing the most advanced technology in metal fabrication. We recently took delivery of a 5-axis rotary waterjet machine for high precision pipe cutting that will improve our productivity and reduce production lead-times. This machine allows us to contour up to 8″ OD tube and pipe or round bar stock for precise and consistent fit up. We can also cut plate materials in 2-dimension or 5-axis.

Waterjet cutting is an extremely versatile method of material cutting and does not put heat into the material like many other cutting methods.

Contact us today and let us know how we can put this unique equipment to work for you.

USF Welder

We Are Certified

USF WelderUS Fittings, Inc. is pleased to announce that we recently re-certified our welding department to American Welding Society 6G Certification. The testing was performed by Independent Welding Inspectors and it is widely accepted as the most difficult certification to complete. Each of our welders is trained to our Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and supported by our Procedure Qualification Records (PQR). Our customers can have confidence when purchasing quality butt weld fittings from USF that we certify our products with the documentation required to meet ASME Section IX requirements.

USF has completed a quality audit by a leading global PVF distributor who supplies the most demanding users of energy and industrial PVF products in the business. Among the processes we are compliant is material traceability, equipment calibration, product drawing control and final inspection.

Steel Pipe Fittings

Custom Flanged Fitting for Automotive Assembly Plant

USF-blog-custom-flangged-fitting-automtiveAn automotive assembly plant in Northeast Ohio is installing a new adhesive distribution system for its chassis assembly line. The PVF distributor and plant engineer worked together to configure the system and they needed custom pipe fittings to meet this unique application. The team at United States Fittings (USFI) worked with the distributor to design two custom flanged fittings that significantly reduce field welding during scheduled plant shut-down.

Custom Flanged Fittings

The design (pictured above) required that the 2 ½” EXH 3R elbows be shaped to fit onto the adjoining pipe for a 90⁰ tee wye connection at the flanged outlet. The custom steel pipe fitting was manufactured according to the end users specifications within a short lead time.

Contact United States Fittings for your custom pipe fitting jobs, download a line card of our stocked steel pipe fittings or request a quote on line.

custom made grey water distribution tree pipe fitting - custom pipe fitting

Manufacturing Custom Fittings for Marine Applications

At United States Fittings (USFI) we truly enjoy being a manufacturer of custom pipe fittings. We are eager to serve PVF distributors throughout the United States by keeping our popular items in stock such as laterals, stub ends, tees, crosses, true wyes, p-traps and return bends.  In addition, working closely with the distributor to get the end-user a custom pipe fitting is particularly rewarding.

Custom Made – Multiple Angles & Sizes with Threading

custom made grey water distribution tree pipe fitting

Grey Water Distribution Tree

We recently worked with a leading northeast barge builder to manufacture a custom grey water distribution tree. This custom pipe fitting (pictured above) is fabricated using a 2 ½” Schedule 40 Carbon steel body with seven various branches of varying dimensions and also threaded on one end.  The branches range from 1 ¼” – 2” and are welded at four different angles.

Custom Finishing – HDG

Because this custom steel pipe fitting is to be used in a barge (marine application), the customer also required the fitting to be hot-dip galvanized (HDG), a process that provides superior corrosion protection, which USFI was happy to accommodate. This unique custom fitting was manufactured, finished and shipped with a short three week delivery time.

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United States Fittings Gets Shipped to Iraq!

stub-endsU.S. Fittings recently received inquiries from several distributors for (10) ea 16” Extra Heavy MSS-A Stub End Fittings with an additional requirement for non-destructive inspection of the welds. The end customer, a division of Exxon Mobile in Iraq, had an urgent need for these fittings. With quick lead times being our specialty, we got to work right away. Within a few short weeks we had radiographic certified 16” Extra Heavy MSS-A Stub End Fittings in Iraq for the end user’s application.

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Download A Line CardLine-Card-Image

You can also download a line card to keep our product line at your finger tips by clicking on the image to the right, or download line card here.

We Moved! That’s Good News for Our Customers.


United States Fittings, Inc (USFI) is proud to announce we have recently completed our move to a 27,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Twinsburg (Cleveland), Ohio.


Shorter Lead Times

Moving into a larger facility has enabled USFI to begin adding equipment and technology to increase production and reduce lead times.  Our larger facility also allows us to increase the inventory of fittings in stock that you have come to rely on us for.


Updated Line Card

To download the most recent version of our line card, click here


We look forward to the opportunity to quote more of your specialty fittings requirements. Contact USFI today for a variety of fittings including laterals,crosses, true wyes, tees, shaped nipples, spool pieces, stub ends, flanged fittings, large diameter fittings and custom fittings. Call (234)212-9420 or use our Request a Quote page.


Made In America!

Made In America Fittings

Do you or your customers need to meet Buy in America Requirements? We recently shipped two 12″ Carbon Steel Crosses to a leading manufacturer of municipal water towers.


We manufactured these fittings from domestic pipe so 100% of the fitting content is of United States origin. Request A Same-Day Quote


Headed to Detroit!

Made In America Fittings Headed To Detroit!

As part of a custom project with Motor City Pipe & Supply – a leading distributor in the Detroit, Michigan area since 1962, USF manufactured specialty spooled pieces for the City of Detroit water department.


These fittings are rubber-lined to prevent corrosion, and will be installed to add chlorine to the water system. These spooled pieces are 2″ x 6″ OAL – with a 2″ slip-on flange on one side, and a 10″ flat faces slip-on flange on the other. Request A Same-Day Quote


Fabricated P-Traps

Fabricated P-Traps

P-Traps are designed to allow fluid to rest in the bottom of the fitting which then prevents vapors or gases from being release back up through the drain line. USF manufacturers P-Traps using 3 long radius 90′ ells welded together.


Check out our P-Traps & 180° Return Bends for more information.


Fabricated Crosses

Custom Fabricated Crosses

United States Fittings manufacturers numerous types of crosses in all sizes, alloys and schedules. We offer segweld crosses manufactured from pipe and welded crosses manufactured from tees. Reducing crosses are also available from split tees and nozzle welded from pipe which are particularly difficult to find otherwise.

We also offer non-destructive testing on all of our fittings including radiograph, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant. Common sizes and schedules are generally available from our stock inventory.

Check out our Fabricated Crosses for more information.