Custom True Wye Pipe Fitting

Specialty Fittings for the Mining Industry

Specialty Fittingstrue-wye

United States Fittings recently delivered a 5″ Schedule 40 6061 T-6 Aluminum 90° threaded True Wye. The end customer is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the mining industry. We specialize in the manufacturing of high quality Butt Weld Fittings in most sizes, alloys and schedules.


carbon stub end

USF’s Stamp of Approval

USFI-stampThe USFI Stamp of Approval

Each fittings that leaves our warehouse is fabricated and designed to meet all standard specifications and once it’s ready to be delivered we make sure each fitting is stamped with a fully traceable unique code. This allows for easy tracking but also lets us provide material test reports to ensure that your fitting meets your expectations.

Intel Corporation Case Study

Intel Corporation Case Study

Case-Study-IntelUnited States Fittings is presently completing delivery of more than 300 X-Ray fittings meeting ASME B31.3 for highly critical utility process for Intel Corporation. With our skilled machinists and welders, we are pleased to supply Butt Weld Fittings that satisfy the most critical fluid process applications in PVF industry. Material Test Reports and Radiographic Inspection Certification are also traceable to each fitting that we ship.





Intel Corporation Custom X-Ray Fittings Intel Corporation Custom X-Ray Fittings
Intel Corporation Custom X-Ray Fittings Intel Corporation Custom X-Ray Fittings

New Ownership | Richard Raymond

rick-raymondIn January 2013, Richard Raymond, a Northeast Ohio native, took ownership of United States Fittings, Inc.  As former Founder and President of Thermoprene, Inc., and Innoplast, Inc., Rick has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of industrial products.  Rick grew Thermoprene into a leading distributor of custom rubber, plastics and aluminum products, while also making Innoplast, Inc. into a significant manufacturer of bollard covers and related safety products.

As a young man, Rick grew up around manufacturing with his family’s rubber business in Middlefield, Ohio.  Hard work, quality products and great customer service are among qualities that Rick has carried through his life and he continues to make those a focus at USF.

With his experience and leadership Rick plans to bring a new vision to USF.  “Moving the company into the 21st century and improving the way USF does business with its customers is our top priority,” Rick said.  “Woody Reichert saw an opportunity in manufacturing industrial fittings that weren’t readily available and I hope to help USF become the leading domestic manufacturer of specialty pipe fittings.”