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Custom Flanged Fitting for Automotive Assembly Plant

USF-blog-custom-flangged-fitting-automtiveAn automotive assembly plant in Northeast Ohio is installing a new adhesive distribution system for its chassis assembly line. The PVF distributor and plant engineer worked together to configure the system and they needed custom pipe fittings to meet this unique application. The team at United States Fittings (USFI) worked with the distributor to design two custom flanged fittings that significantly reduce field welding during scheduled plant shut-down.

Custom Flanged Fittings

The design (pictured above) required that the 2 ½” EXH 3R elbows be shaped to fit onto the adjoining pipe for a 90⁰ tee wye connection at the flanged outlet. The custom steel pipe fitting was manufactured according to the end users specifications within a short lead time.

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