custom made grey water distribution tree pipe fitting - custom pipe fitting

Manufacturing Custom Fittings for Marine Applications

At United States Fittings (USFI) we truly enjoy being a manufacturer of custom pipe fittings. We are eager to serve PVF distributors throughout the United States by keeping our popular items in stock such as laterals, stub ends, tees, crosses, true wyes, p-traps and return bends.  In addition, working closely with the distributor to get the end-user a custom pipe fitting is particularly rewarding.

Custom Made – Multiple Angles & Sizes with Threading

custom made grey water distribution tree pipe fitting

Grey Water Distribution Tree

We recently worked with a leading northeast barge builder to manufacture a custom grey water distribution tree. This custom pipe fitting (pictured above) is fabricated using a 2 ½” Schedule 40 Carbon steel body with seven various branches of varying dimensions and also threaded on one end.  The branches range from 1 ¼” – 2” and are welded at four different angles.

Custom Finishing – HDG

Because this custom steel pipe fitting is to be used in a barge (marine application), the customer also required the fitting to be hot-dip galvanized (HDG), a process that provides superior corrosion protection, which USFI was happy to accommodate. This unique custom fitting was manufactured, finished and shipped with a short three week delivery time.

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