United States Fittings manufactures custom p-trap and return-bend pipe fittings in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel for the PVF industry. All of our custom fittings are Made In The USA.

As a steel pipe fittings manufacturer we supply pipe fitting distributors with a number of popular pipe fittings for the food & beverage, automotive, restaurants, manufacturing, marine and other industries (see our customer list).

Both our p traps and our return bends are manufactured by butt welding 90° Ells (90 degree elbows) and are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and all other alloys we work with.  At US Fittings we manufacture popular pipe fittings to keep in stock for our distributors as well as custom pipe fitting jobs.

Materials: Available in all materials

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Custom P-Trap & Return Bend Pipe Fittings

Custom P Trap Pipe Fitting

Custom 180 Degree Return Bend Pipe Fittings

180 ° Return Bend Pipe Fitting