Carbon Steel Concentric Reducer With 150 Slip On Flanges

Carbon Steel Concentric Reducer with 150# Slip-on Flanges

For more information about our concentric reducer steel pipe fittings, see our flange fittings page. The pipe fittings distributors we supply frequently request ASME/ANSI 150# or 300# flanges and we can offer slip-on, weld neck, threaded or blind flanges. We manufacture flanged fittings in carbon steel and stainless steel which can be manufactured into 45° ells (45 degree elbow pipe fitting), concentric reducers, 45° laterals, spool pieces, eccentric reducers, 90° true wyes, 90° LR ells (90 degree long radius elbows), 90° SR ells (90 degree short radius elbows), fabricated crosses, reducing fabricated crosses, fabricated tees and reducing tees. Contact us for a quote today, or fill out our request a quote form.