United States Fittings manufactures custom pipe and railing connector fittings in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel for the commercial, residential and marine construction markets. All of our custom connector fittings are Made In The USA.

With our unique cutting capabilities U S Fittings fabricates complex angle tees and crosses for railing connectors used in the architectural, pedestrian, entertainment & marine industries.  We can fabricate hand rail fittings in virtually any material including carbon steel, stainless steel & aluminum.  We bring the same care and quality to hand rail connectors as we do for our most demanding industrial pipe fittings customers.  We welcome your inquiries for your custom railing applications.

Handrails and Rail Fittings

  • Boat Rail Fittings
  • Marine Handrail Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Rail Fittings
  • Steel Rail Fittings
  • Handrail Connectors
  • Pipe Handrail Fittings
  • Pipe Rail Fittings

Railing Connector Fittings

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